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Tips for how to keep your dog safe during Halloween

Tips for how to keep your dog safe during Halloween

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Halloween is here! Here are some tips on how to prepare yourself and your dog for the big night.

Think twice about dog costumes – Although your dog may look cute or festive in a costume remember to not put more undue stress onto your animal. If your dog is hesitant do not force a costume on him/her. As cute as these may be, they can cause harm to your pooch, especially those that constrict your dogs movement or sight as this is a hazard for them.

Candy is a hazard for dogs – Keep it away from your pet, especially chocolate which can be extremely toxic for dogs. Also be mindful of candy wrappers as intestinal blockages can occur if consumed by your dog.

Do not over compensate with affection if your dog is nervous or scared – This will only reinforce their fear. Remember to reward your dog with affection when s/he is in a calm submissive state.

Act as normally as possible – even when fireworks or loud noises are happening around you or outside – The less you react or become stressed, the more your dog will follow your calm energy. Talking or trying to reassure your dog with affection during can communicate that there is something to worry about and could further stress your dog.

Avoid taking your dog trick or treating- Bring your dog indoors. Minimize the harm and overwhelm that potentially may happen to your dog by other strangers.

If you and your pet do venture out on Halloween night, be mindful of hazardous decorations near ground level – Watch for pumpkins with candles that may get knocked over by an excited tail. Some people also light candles and place them on their door stoop. Keep your pet away from potentially harming themselves or others.

Ensure you have a proper ID tag and that it is securely fastened to your dogs collar – Remember, better safe than sorry. If your dog somehow does stray or gets loose, this preventative measure will increase your chances of someone bringing your pet back to you.

Buy reflective gear, be visible! Many companies now sell glow in the dark collars for dogs as well as reflective materials on dog jackets. With so many people out on the street at the same time, this will help small children see you and your dog as well as cars that are approaching as you cross intersections.

Help your dog get familiar with your costume – Your dog may view you as a stranger once you are in costume and may become fearful. You can have your dog sniff these outfits, wigs, etc before the big night so that when you do put them on s/he will already be accustomed to them.