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Kristine Acab
3 months ago

If you’re looking for a caring & knowledgeable dog trainer, I highly recommend Drew! I have a very energetic dog, and sometimes he can be reactive to other dogs. Drew gave me all the tools for the different concerns I had with my dog (pulling on the leash while walking, how to greet other dogs, recall, the list goes on!) My dog now doesn’t pull on the leash when we walk, I can take him to trails and hikes and he stays by me, he does well with other dogs, and his recall is so good! Mind you, I used to chase my dog around the neighbourhood if he accidentally ran out of the house because someone left the door open. Now, if the door is left open he just waits there. My dog is the same dog but better, with a more structured life and new skills for us to live happier! Thank you so much Drew!!

dylan crawford
4 months ago

My wife and I have lived and gone to dog trainers in Chicago, and New York and without a doubt Drew is one of the best. We hired Drew to help our dog acclimate to a new city and surroundings, and within 4 sessions with Drew she went from timid and out of control to obedient and leading the pack. Knowing your dog will come when called in any situation is a priceless feeling, and I’d recommend Drew and Canine Solutions to anyone looking to feel the same.

Azin Z
5 months ago

A Life-Changing Experience with Canine Solutions Dog Training. I cannot express enough gratitude and admiration for Drew with Canine Solutions Dog Training, His extensive knowledge and unwavering patience have transformed both Zeus (my rescue) and me into a happier and harmonious duo. When I first approached Drew, Zeus was struggling with leash reactivity and a fear of people. It was a constant challenge to take him for walks or introduce him to new individuals. Off leash freedom seemed like it would NEVER be an option for Zeus. I felt helpless and worried about his well-being. I had actually emailed Drew in tears after a horrible hike Zeus and I had gone on. Drew was quick to respond and we booked a consult together. From the moment we started working with Drew, I knew we were in the hands of a true professional. Drew's expertise in dog training was evident from the start. He took the time to understand our unique needs and quirks, tailoring the training sessions to address Zeus’s specific challenges meanwhile helping me understand the concepts. Drew's approach is characterized by patience, understanding, and a genuine desire to empower both dogs and their human companions. The journey was not an easy one, but Drew's unwavering support, encouragement, and expert guidance made all the difference. He provided a safe and positive training environment, ensuring Zeus's well-being and emotional comfort throughout the process. I am thrilled to say that Zeus is now an entirely different dog. Gone are the days of anxiety and reactivity. With the skills and tools I acquired from Drew, Zeus now radiates confidence and joy. His newfound off-leash freedom and his ability to embrace new encounters with humans are a testament to the effectiveness of Canine Solutions Dog Training. I wholeheartedly recommend Canine Solutions Dog Training to anyone seeking professional, compassionate, and transformative training for their canine companions. The impact the training has had on Zeus's life, and subsequently on mine, is immeasurable. Thank you, Drew, for your exceptional dedication, knowledge, and genuine care. Canine Solutions Dog Training is truly a game-changer for dogs and their loving owners.

6 months ago

I wouldn’t believe that such a change in how my pup and I communicate would be possible without experiencing it first hand. I felt like Prince was so out of control (lunging at other dogs on our walks, no recall response and so possessive of toys and sticks) and I was getting frustrated because I didn’t know how to tell him what I wanted him to do. Drew gave me the tools I needed to clearly tell Prince what I expected of him using an e-collar. The combination of correction for unwanted behaviour and reward for positive behaviour was so powerful in creating a positive relationship between my pup and I. We can go anywhere now and I’m not worried that he’s going to get hurt or hurt other dogs. I absolutely recommend Drew with Canine Solutions if you want a great bond with your dog and the confidence in knowing your dog will listen to you everywhere you go. Thanks Drew, we couldn’t have come this far without you!

7 months ago

Without sounding dramatic, Canine Solutions’ training with Drew has completely changed our relationship with our Berne doodle, Davie. Before training Davie was (and continues to be), the star of the dog park but we had almost zero success in having him recall. It was frustrating, discouraging and dangerous. We now have the skills and confidence to take Davie ‘off leash’ on trails and the dog park knowing he will happily return to us when called. We continue to work with him but are so happy that we can enjoy our special pal !! Thanks so much Drew!

Erica Y
7 months ago

We have the dog we always wanted now! Working with Drew has been a transforming experience for us and our excitable Nova Scotia Duck Toller. We had worked with multiple trainers prior to Drew with little success on what we were seeking—reliable recall and off leash reliabilities. Drew's approach is practical and focused. Unlike other trainers, he provides you with the tools and actually teaches you how to use them effectively. The e-collar is simply a form of communication and link to our dogs when their minds are focused on other things. Prior to Drew, our dog did not have any off leash reliability or a reliable recall. Now her recall is spot on and she can be trusted off leash. She enjoys her time outside and understands when it is time to have fun and when it is time to be obedient. Together we now have so much more fun and it is actually an enjoyable experience to be outside, rather than it being stressful and frustrating. Drew also brought his own dogs out for training sessions. Their calming presence was a real gift to help our pup learn to relax and enjoy the presence of other dogs. It also helped simulate more real world scenarios. We're so happy to have worked with Drew and 100% recommend him!

We can't say enough good things about Drew and the training methods we learned. We were convinced our 12 month Nova Scotia Duck Toller was untrainable, as we had watched every YouTube video out there, spoke to countless other dog owners about tips and tricks, and nothing worked. She refused to come when called, was constantly distracted, pulled the leash like crazy, and just didn't listen (among lots of other frustrating traits). We also didn't believe Drew after our consultation when he said if we follow the techniques, she would be a different dog after 12 weeks. Well...we can officially eat our words. Using the hands-on training, and following the specific criteria Drew created for us and what we wanted to achieve, we can officially say our dog has done a complete 180. We are constantly amazed with how quickly we were able to train our pup, and how seemingly easy it was (even though we worked hard!). We have an insanely high energy dog who we can now enjoy walking (OFF LEASH!) without the stress of her running off to every dog or person she sees, we can throw her the ball and have her actually play fetch without getting distracting, we can take her on a nice walk as a family now without pulling a muscle from constantly being pulled by her. Drew gave us the confidence (and sometimes a deserved stern talking to), to allow us to command loving respect from our dog. The training and methods we learned in 3 months will continue as we daily work with our pup, so we only expect to see more results as the months go by. If you have been on the fence about getting private training, we implore you to reach out to Drew at Canine Solutions. You won't regret the decision.

Anna Moreau
7 months ago

As previous owners of a reactive senior dog, when Queenie (a 3 ½ year old staffy who hadn’t been socialized) came along, we realized we didn’t know how to handle her. We remembered Drew from his stall at Mount Pleasant Car Free Day and decided to call him to talk about our needs. Drew was professional and attentive and super knowledgeable, right from the get go. Drew really listened to us by tailoring our sessions to our needs. Also, Queenie responded so well to him and his training methods. It has been more than a month since our last training session and we found it has been easy to commit to the training. Like other clients of Drew’s, we often get compliments about how well behaved and ‘good’ Queenie is. We are so fortunate to have found Drew for our dog training needs. We would not hesitate to recommend Drew and Canine solutions to any dog owner. Update: it's April 2023 and Queenie is the goodest baby hippo in the world. We attribute a lot of it to Drew's training methods - if you stick with them, they work!

Becky Greenhalgh
8 months ago

We were referred to Drew by our neighbour (who was a previous client). Working with Drew was the best decision/investment we could have made for our pup Jersey and our busy family. During our initial meeting with Drew he walked us through his training program and we felt very comfortable and confident in him. We developed a list of goals that we wanted to achieve and throughout the next few weeks we were able to achieve success on each one of these goals! This speaks to the quality and success of his program. Drew was very easy to work, offered a lot of tips and tricks, involved our kids in the training process, checked in to see how our progress was going and was always available for questions which speaks to his commitment level. Our life with Jersey is so much more enjoyable now. Highly recommend Drew.

9 months ago

Working with Drew on the e-collar course was great! Drew is super organised and the material provided before and between sessions is so professional and well put together to really benefit you beyond just the 1-1 training. Whist I had done as much early training as possible with my dog, the e-collar has been night and day on the final hurdles for a solid recall and overall responsiveness in any environment. The level of freedom my dog has now safely is amazing and I feel so much more confident that we can handle any adventure we want! Would definitely recommend this course to anyone , so worth it.

Nicole Smith
3 years ago

We are first time dog owners, and we contacted Drew as soon as we knew that Winston would be joining our family. Winston arrived (an 8 week old chocolate lab) and because of Drew's guidance we felt ready to welcome Winston into our home. Drew helped us prepare for a new puppy (incredible recommendations for "go to" puppy essentials, and how to set up our home, etc.), and provided invaluable coaching for Winston and all members of our family. We frequently get compliments about how obedient and well behaved Winston is - and Drew has been there every step of the way! We cannot say enough amazing things about Drew's coaching and training program. Drew's passion for helping us and Winston is unmatched, and we would recommend Drew and Canine Solutions Dog Training wholeheartedly to any dog owner.

Alfrey C
a year ago

After two hospital visits and handful of biting incidents as a result of resource and territorial guarding, we were desperate for some guidance... We then came across Drew and through his guidance, we were able to see tremendous change in our dog. Not only did his aggressive behaviour disappear, but he's become extremely obedient and is always giving us his attention. Quite astonishing how we were just fearing for our safety on a daily basis a few months back and now we feel like we're able to enjoy our lives with him without that fear.

Breanne C
a year ago

Only regret is not doing this sooner! We have a Frenchie/Boxer with a lot of sass, and Drew's techniques have allowed us to better communicate. We have made leaps and bounds in training, no more door rushing, no more leash biting, reduced jumping (still in progress), and way better recall amongst other things. The training program didn't waste time, getting results quickly which was great for our busy schedule and key for us too was that it got the whole family on the same page. The at-home work/routines are reasonable to maintain long term, I can see us continuing to make progress, even to some more difficult tricks and skills post-program now that we have been taught the fundamentals. Thank you Drew, you've been wonderful!

Looking for an amazing dog trainer? Look no further, you’ve found one. I looked for a dog trainer for quite some time before I chose Drew. I was super particular on wanting to feel like I was working with a trainer who was non-judgemental, compassionate, patient, and gentle towards my dog. Drew fit the bill. He has been nothing but on the ball and amazing with my reactive pitty. I was worried introducing an e-collar into Nova’s training routine because of all the stigma and conversation surrounding the device, but I am SOO glad we did. I have come to learn that this device is a form of communication and does not hurt your dog, it is reliable and provides guidance. Nova learned so much more quickly using this device than without and it has proven to work wonders for us. Nova used to constantly lunge and bark at people on walks, would run away when off leash and never return, run up to the door when someone knocked, and jump on me when I had something she wants. We have done a complete 180. Nova now comes whenever she is called, every. single. time! She even comes when she sees a squirrel or is playing with her ball, a huge achievement I did not think was possible. She follows right beside me on walks, does not pull, or bark at other dogs. She now knows to make eye contact with me when I am giving her a command and looks up to me cues. When strangers come knocking on our door, nova goes straight to her dog bed and stays put. She is learning to be calm in our apartment with guests and no longer jumps on me. I can truly and honestly say.. Nova is a much happier dog and I am a 10000x happier dog owner. Walks are no longer stressful and nova’s behaviour is predictable with her collar. Drew recommended some great raw food and I have seen such amazing health benefits with Nova. Overall, our experience with Drew has been perfectly well rounded and we have achieved every result I had hoped for and more. I am so grateful to be in the place we are with our pup, and wish the same for everyone else! Investing in training and good food for your dog can be expensive, but the results are sooooo worth it. Trust me!

Heather Ferguson
9 months ago

First off - Drew is amazing. I hired Drew when I first adopted my dog. As she was a year old with unknown history, I wanted to get started on the right path and build a relationship with her that would be good for me as well as her. Drew's approach to training seems really basic when you look back as his focus is on a happy healthy dog, but he really picks up on little things that we (humans) don't see that our dogs interpret. The e-collar is one of the best purchases I have ever made and Drew's approach to using it is all about positive reinforcement. I have a dog that I can walk off leash ANYWHERE and who ALWAYS listens to me. I am never that person at the dog park screaming and calling or racing after their dog. I can control her behaviour and interactions with other dogs and people without my voice. I like to expain it to people that her e-collar is an "e-leash" - its there, but not in a physical way. And with Drew's approach, there is nothing negative or punitive about it. Drew has taught me how to have a strong relationship with my dog - give her what she needs to be safe and happy, and how she gives me the confidence and trust in her. Drew also suggested getting a 'place mat', and as someone who lives in an apartment, this is golden. We live in a small place, and she is a big dog with tons of energy, and her 'place' gives her the opportunity to control herself in moments of excitement (when people come over or when someone knocks at the door). Overall, I would recommend Drew to anyone with a dog. Any dog. With issues, no issues. Drew will help to bring you to a better relationship with your fur-baby and be able to give you the confidence to trust your dog in any situation. Drew has the knowledge and personality to bring your relationship with your dog to an entire new level of trust and mutual joy. However, I will make a note here - Drew does not bullsh**t. He is incredilby honest and true, and his heart is with the dog. If you want someone to sell you something you do not need or give you promises that can't be fulfilled - Drew is not your person. Be prepared for some honesty and self-reflection.

Sarah T.
6 years ago

My partner and I have three(!) rescue dogs and we needed help with controlling our little pack on the walk and when they greet new people. One of our dogs is severely dog-reactive and would try to redirect on our other two dogs. We've tried lots of different kinds of training, but none was as effective and personalized as Canine Solutions. Drew trained my partner and I in proper handling techniques on the walk, how to manage anxiety (the dogs' and our own), and how to provide our dogs with more positive reinforcement to increase the behaviours that we wanted to see. Consistency is key! Also, Drew was soooo patient and tailored the Canine Solutions programs to fit our situation, rather than trying to use a one-size-fits-all approach. Now, my time spent with my dogs is so much more rewarding! Canine Solutions is amazing!

Malcolm Jenkins
4 years ago

When Drew first answered our call for help, our Husky, Malamute, Shepherd, Wolf cross, Benjen, was just under a year and 100lbs. We had allowed him to take control of our home and lives, and he was well on his way to becoming a monster that we were steadily losing control of. Our cats lived in fear and we had separated the upstairs and downstairs of our house so that they could have some security. Within 5 minutes of being in our home, Drew assessed the situation called us out on the We were not providing Benjen with enough leadership, structure and rules by which he had to live by. We signed up for the Dream Dog Package and it was well worth it. Drew is incredibly patient, kind and caring of both our dog and us. Almost immediately the changes were noticeable. Benjen responded so quickly to the training and how we changed in our approach with him it was amazing. Benjen is now 1 year and 7 months. He and our cats coexist in harmony as they know they are the boss of him and he understands his place in the family hierarchy. He does not rule our lives anymore and all we continue to work with him on is his isolation anxiety which is a slow process but Drew has set us up with a plan that is slowly working, as is the case with this issue and comes with no quick fixes. Thank you Drew for being so amazing!!!

Sarah O'Dea
4 years ago

We started working with Drew when our Whoodle (wheaten terrier x poodle) was 5 months old. Bear had just completed a 6 week puppy kindergarten program but because of the tendency for doodles to be hyper-social, the over-crowded class was not at all conducive to learning. I came away feeling like we had lost such a critical training period in our puppies life, which was only reinforced by the bad behaviours he was developing - biting to the point of drawing blood (almost daily), jumping, not listening, inability to self-soothe - you name it. I was at my wits end. Shaun had a higher tolerance level for Bear's antics, but agreed that something had to be done to help restore my sanity! During our first consultation where we discussed with Drew our challenges, I was almost in tears. Bear was my first dog, and while I knew it would be hard work raising a puppy, I felt like he was particularly difficult. In our first lesson Drew taught me how important the energy I projected around Bear was. If I was calm but assertive, he was much more likely to listen and obey. If I became stressed and frustrated he would feed on that and continue to behave badly. We learnt techniques for disagreeing with Bear, and how to effectively use the place board and crate, to start to reverse his belief that he was the pack leader of our household. By the end of that first lesson I was in tears again, but this time it was the enormous relief that things really were going to get better. Since then, Bear has improved in so many ways. Sure, there's things we're always going to have to work on, just like every dog parent, but when I think how far we've come, the difference makes me so proud of him and ourselves. We're so appreciative of Drew's help and would recommend him to anyone who is suffering their own doggy dilemma.

margot scott
a year ago

Three months ago I adopted two rescue dogs from Mexico. They were small dogs with big insecurities. Although I had raised other dogs nothing had prepared me for these two.I was feeling overwhelmed with trying to train these two very nervous, and reactive dogs, and knew that I would need the help of a professional dog trainer. The owners at my local pet food store (Cascadia), recommended Drew at Canine Solutions. They told me that Drew was experienced with training rescue dogs, and would probably be able to help me. They were correct: Drew has been an immense help. From the first lesson I learned that the dogs needed to know that I was in charge, that they could trust me, and learn to respect me, and I needed to respect their need to be protected from people that they didn't know or trust, at least until they felt more secure and confident in their new world. I learned how to be with them so they, and I, are more relaxed and calm. Thanks to Drew's patient teaching and enthusiastic praise, the dogs have learned to trust me, and I think, they mostly respect me! On walks they heal. They no longer attempt to chase/fight other dogs. They have learned that they have a "place" in the house that is uniquely theirs. They (usually) come when they're called.They are less reactive to new noises, and people. They have learned, and respond to some commands. I have learned to keep them on a schedule - lots of walks and lots of training, and then some much needed down time. I am now realizing how important continuity is with these two and try to respect their dependence on a predictable schedule. It's been a huge amount of work, and I am very grateful to Drew for guiding me through this intense time. Without his incredible experience, his patience, his skill as a calm and assertive trainer, the dogs and I would not be where we are today: more or less happily coexisting! I highly recommend Drew for his training techniques, and his ability to work and communicate well with both the dog and the dog's owner.

Laura James
a year ago

Drew helped us with some behavioural issues we were having with our very energetic rescue dog. Drew made it easy to fit training into our lives and taught us a lot of practical tips to continue working on. Drew is very accessible, and offers lots of helpful materials. Our dog is like a different dog after 4 sessions with Drew, and now a pleasure to be around (rather than an embarrassing and hard to control).

Steph Scott
a year ago

Drew completely transformed our dog and our lives. Prior to engaging Drew, our Aussie Shepherd Molson was a nightmare to walk on a leash. He would lunge and bark at cars as they drove by, which as he got more riled up, became more dangerous. Molson would also lunge and bark at other dogs and sometimes people, and this made us adjust our daily schedule to suit his walking ability. We couldn’t enjoy life with a dog as we couldn’t take our dog anywhere. It only took us one session with Drew, which is a story in and of itself, to see a HUGE change Molson’s reactivity with cars. By the end of our program, Molson was able to go to Olympic Village, surrounded by dogs, cars, bikes, and people without any reactivity. We finally feel like we have our life back and couldn’t be more thankful for Drew. In addition to helping with his reactivity, Drew gave us tools and ways to handle barking and excitement when the doorbell rings, and when people come over. He is so much more controlled and obedient. We genuinely thought Molson would and could never change, but thanks to Drew, we finally have a dog that we love to walk and can take anywhere.

Nicole Santos
a year ago

Training our dog with Drew completely changed our quality of life. We brought our dachshund from Brazil to Vancouver, she was a pandemic dog (so no socialization) plus the flight was very stressful on her. She was super reactive, anxious, and aggressive towards other people and dogs. After the first class, she was already SO different! Drew presented us with the tools to deal with her behavior and made sure we put in the practice necessary to improve. Now we can walk with her without stress, have people over, and even started letting her off leash without issues! We are so grateful and will recommend Drew to anyone.

Sacha Mullen
2 years ago

One of the best decisions I made after getting our family pup was to enlist the help of Drew at Canine Solutions! Drew clearly has a knowledge of, and passion for dogs that provides Drew the wisdom and patience to support people and families in raising a well-adjusted and obedient dog. I am excited and pleased at the changes in our dog. We got our sweet girl during COVID (as so many of us did!) and as a result of social distancing, she was shy with people and uncertain of other dogs. After working with Drew, our girl LOVES playing with other dogs and is amazing with people too. People are amazed at how well behaved our pup is and how well she listens at such a young age. Also, what could be better than having your dog-trainer come to you? The training style used by Drew is gentle, yet so powerful and easy to learn and use. This is indeed the best decision I've made since getting our dog and I would highly recommend Drew at Canine Solutions. Thank you Drew!!!

Maria Edora
4 years ago

In 2016, we adopted Bella, then six years old, a boxer bull mastiff from the Ottawa Humane Society. Though she’s big – 70 lbs of pure muscle is how we describe her – she was described as a sweet loving dog. When we met her, we were immediately hooked. However, we quickly learned that she has dominant tendencies, so while she is friendly and gentle around all humans, she sometimes asserted herself against other dogs, and given her size and strength, it comes across as aggressive. She also has a strong prey drive, so she alerts to small dogs, squirrels, rabbits and especially CATS. So, with her strength, she was sometimes a lot to handle on walks. She was also too exuberant when people came to the door, sometimes intimidating our guests. Bella also used her dominance to demand food from us, during and after meals. We knew we needed help. When we moved to Vancouver in 2018, we resolved to get a good trainer to help her so she can be the gentle dog that she wanted to be. We signed up for the Dream Dog program, where Drew showed us great techniques, starting with basic commands and leash work, progressing to how to get Bella in line on walks, at meal times and when people knock on the door. We saw progress from the very first introductory meeting! The long leash recall, the place board, the use of spatial pressure and strong calm energy were all important tools that Drew taught us. The place board itself was the revelation – she is now patient and calm when we feed her, and it gives her a place to wait when our guests arrive at our door. We also highly recommend the group walk – we have taken Bella to the group dog walk twice. Though we were nervous the first time, we met other dog owners who faced many of the same obstacles as us but who were also going through training with Drew. We were all able to put our training to use in a high stress environment. Bella showed us that we can trust her and our knowledge, even when on the seawall that was flooded with so many distractions. She loved finally being able to be part of a pack. We always thought that we had the perfect dog. Drew’s Dream Dog program gave Bella the opportunity to prove it!

Allie D
a year ago

Drew is a wonderful trainer! He helped us so much with our sweet rescue, who is a nervous nelly . The e-collar was the perfect device that has enabled us find a way of communicating with her without adding any extra energy to any situation. She's excited to put it on because she knows it means we're going on an adventure. Thank you again Drew for teaching us how to help our sweet girl gain more confidence :). I can't wait to see where she'll be next year!

Ger Clarke
a year ago

Drew is absolutely amazing and we have seen so many positive changes in our dog Ozzy in such a short space of time. I didn't know much about e-collar training before but it has been amazing and I was surprised at how quick you can see results. Ozzy is a year and a half old Husky mix who's stubborn, is nervous of strangers, ignores our personal space and a dog I couldn't trust off leash with zero recall amidst distractions and often getting the zoomies. I've often times been embarrassed at the dog park when Ozzy would run around completely ignoring me and misbehaving and I could do nothing about it while he was in that zone. We had our initial consultation where we discussed all the major issues we experience and our goals for turning Ozzy in to a well behaved dog. Drew walked us through his approach and explained how e-collar training works. We set up a training program and got to work. The sessions were easy to follow and Drew is great at guiding you how to get things right. If you take up training with Drew and put the work in together with your dog you will not believe the difference. Ozzy now recalls every time even when he's running around off-leash distracted and playing with all the other dogs. In the house he'll go to his spot when told and remain there amongst distractions so we can cook, eat, relax and even when there's a knock at the door and a stranger arrives. The changes we've seen in Ozzy have been amazing and I cannot recommend Drews program enough.

Martin Twigg
2 years ago

Drew is a fantastic dog trainer, adept at communicating with dogs and pragmatic in his methods. He is also highly professional in the way he runs his business and extremely dedicated to his clients. I honestly don't know how I would have managed raising my puppy without him. Everywhere I go people remark how calm and well-behaved my dog is for his age and I owe much of that to Drew and his training techniques.

Megan D
2 years ago

We have recently completed Drew’s Dream Dog Program and I really don’t know how we could have achieved so much without him. Like with many people, COVID gave us the opportunity and time to introduce a new member into the family. When we first met Drew, we were 2 weeks into bringing our new puppy home, who was 10 weeks old at the time. Puppy parenthood hit us like a ton of bricks! We were struggling to find any structure and routine with our new family member, and was lucky to get a few hours a sleep at night by sleeping on the floor next to his pen. Due to COVID, Drew had created a flexible program that meant we could have our sessions via Zoom or meet in person and Drew was safety cautious and totally open to being creative with our training locations. Drew’s advice and knowledge is absolutely priceless. From local recommendations for food, treats and advice on very specific scenarios, he had recommendations and a direction for us to follow. With every question we asked he had an answer to help us. Communication was fantastic, emails were always replied to swiftly and Drew was always open to phone calls when needed. He was flexible with scheduling and made the most out of every minute we had together. I can’t thank Drew enough for his patience and guidance throughout our program and for giving us the tools to bond with and create a happy and balanced relationship with our dog that works for us. Drew is incredibly patient and doesn’t use a cookie cutter approach to dog training, he gives options and alternative advice so you can make the best decisions for you and your dog. Expectations are set and expected to be met by both sides of the relationship which is so important to ensure its success

We cannot thank Drew at Canine Solutions Dog Training enough! He helped us structure and improve our relationship with our dog, Kipp. We rescued Kipp from the Meat Market in South Korea and understandably, that came with some trauma behaviors. Our main concern was Kipp's intense anxiety which sometimes came out as reactive towards people (particularly men) and food guarding/alpha behaviors with other dogs. It was really hard for us as we are social people with male friends and lots of other dogs in our lives. Our first pet trainer recommended Canine Solutions, but in all honesty, we were quite hesitant about e-collar training. We were afraid that using a balanced approach, rather than a strictly all positive reinforcement approach, would break the bond that we had built with Kipp. Well, we were so wrong. The structure and communication that e-collar training offered made our bond with Kipp stronger than we thought possible. Kipp now looks to us for everything. He trusts us when we tell him someone is safe, meaning that he now wags his tail at our male friends who come over and plays endlessly with dogs without reacting negatively when upset. Kipp's recall is phenomenal for being 1.5 years old. Of course, nothing is perfect, but rarely does he not instantly come back when called which has given him and us such freedom outdoors. He's a happy dog now which means we are happy pet parents! Also, we wanted to mention that Drew is such a caring and responsive trainer. He was attentive and responsive to every concern, and he worked with us at our pace. We didn't realize how important excellent communication between trainer and trainees would be to our success! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Drew!

Jennifer Pape
a year ago

TL;DR: Worth every penny. My 1 year old mini-goldendoodle, Tug, was distracted, chaotic, and lacked boundaries before I reached out to Drew for help. He was dragging me on our walks, picking up alllllll the garbage, and there was no chance I would have ever even dreamed of letting him off leash in an unenclosed space. With Drew's guidance and training methods, including the e-collar, we were able to get Tug calmed down, focused, and our walks are now an absolute pleasure. His recall is so good it's hard to believe he's the same dog, and he LOVES to put on his collar and head out for a training session (he has absolutely no fear or negative association with the collar because of how Drew taught me to use it). Practice makes perfect and we're going to keep at it, but in the 3 months that we've been working with Drew, Tug has basically done a complete 180. No more dragging me around, no more jumping and nipping at me for treats and attention. Just a great dog who now gets to live his best, off-leash life. A big thank you to you, Drew, for all of your help and encouragement along the way. Tug and I so enjoyed working with you, and we're so grateful for everything we've learned! If only you also trained children... 😉

Working with Drew was the best decision we could have possibly made in settling our rescue pup, Tiger, into his new life. We went from being stressed out owners of an unpredictably barking pup that was a handful to walk to excited parents of an obedient, well mannered dog who can play and run around off leash, walk beside us on leash, ignore distractions, give up his toys, etc. We regularly get compliments from other dog owners on Tiger’s recall. We also have the tools and confidence we need now for any new behaviors we want to work with or skills we want to teach him. Thanks so much Drew, your guidance and expertise have helped us become the well rested and playful dog owners we always wanted to be!

barbara gelfant
3 years ago

We were very desperate to find help with our then 3 yr old border collie. She is very timid and had several issues. One major issue was chasing cars! Drew was amazing from day 1. We worked with him for 10 months and we couldn’t be happier.she is now 4 &1/2 and a much more enjoyable pet. He taught us so much and was available anytime we had a question in between sessions. He helped us rehabilitate her so that we can really enjoy our time with her now. His dedication and understanding of dogs is very evident. We would recommend him to anyone.

Stacy Kerr
3 years ago

We are so thrilled we worked with Drew! When we hired Drew our six month old Bernedoodle was highly reactive, willful and displaying aggressive behaviour towards me on a daily basis. I was covered in bruises from all her biting. We were exhausted and frustrated with her antics. We were genuinely not sure if we were the right home for her. We had consulted more than one trainer and nobody understood the behaviour I was experiencing and dismissed it as just puppy stuff -Drew truly listened to me and got it right away.Drew showed great compassion and patience towards us throughout our Dream Dog Program. We worked very hard and followed all of Drew's recommendations. It was definitely worth it. With Drew's unwavering support and encouragement together we turned this unmanageable adolescent puppy around. She responds to commands, shows us respect and understands her place in our pack. She is now a dog our kids are able to walk and play with. We are now enjoying her as the family dog we had hoped for!

Amanda Watson
6 years ago

Drew is an incredible dog and human trainer. They improved the relationships of everyone in the household! In our first session with Drew, we learned what we were miscommunicating to our reactive young rescue dog and our surprisingly defiant old rescue. As soon as we understood this, we were ready to effectively implement Drew's training program. The way Drew tailored the program to our dogs and family and the particular problems were were having (barking at the door, reactivity with humans and dogs when on leash, begging for food from baby), was enormously helpful. We feel fortunate to have met Drew and will be taking their canine solutions forward! The lessons were worth every penny.

Dave Massullo
3 years ago

As first time puppy parents all we knew was that we would need professional guidance on how to raise our mini goldendoodle Madison. Drew provide us with the tools and the confidence to address issues as they arose and training techniques that provided an excellent foundation at the critical early stage of our puppy’s life. The results were immediate as we progressed through each session. Drew also provided invaluable links to readings and videos to further impress upon us the importance of consistent and continual training. Our puppy is now entering adolescences and we are so happy to have the training from Drew instilled in us - and Madison! Thank you Drew!

Lindsay Clark
3 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about Drew, and the good results we have gotten for our 5 year old dog Emma. Our dog was extremely excitable at the door (friendly but full of energy), would jump all over people and would sometimes escape out of the house. Drew taught us how to keep our dog on her special place board so I can answer the door without problems, all within a few short sessions. I couldn't believe it! Emma will now stay on the board when people come over, it is a miracle! Drew will travel to your home which we found ideal. We have a toddler and new baby and he was able to work with us even with the kids present. He showed so much patience (for us and the dog) and so much skill. You can really tell this is his passion. I'm so happy with the results and would recommend Drew to anyone who needs help. ** edited to add, we had to call on Drew again to help with another issue this year. Our dog was stealing food off counters, stealing it out of our kids hands. She had become completely obsessed and almost aggressive when it came to food. One call to Drew and once again he fixed the problem. He’s definitely our go to for help. I still highly recommend Drew for all your dog needs.

Justine Smith
3 years ago

Drew is the best of the best. We went through at least 3 other dog trainers before finding Canine Solutions. Our rescue Griffin was reactive and a danger to strangers -we were really struggling with him outside the home. Drew was the ONLY person who was able to teach us the tools that Griffin actually responds too. He is a life-saver. Drew is also incredibly trust-worthy, understanding and accommodating. He will truly tailor a program best fit to your family and lifestyle. Without hesitation, we tell every dog parent we meet to use Drew!

Grace Troje
2 years ago

I found a dog for myself and my daughter that was way more dog than I expected. He became so big and strong that I could barely walk him. My back was killing me! My friend found Drew to help us sorry sods and what a great help Drew was! After three months of teaching me how to manage my aloof giant, my back isn't sore anymore and my daughter doesn't scream at the dog in the backyard! So big thank you to Drew's hard work, patience (with me) and persistence. Excellent teacher; every lesson was very informative and supported by media and zoom meetings. A lot of great advice. Big respect. Zhukov thanks him too!!

Drew is an amazing trainer and teacher. I have a 3 year old rescue with reactive issues and we worked through it and reached my goal of having him off leash. Really recommend this training. Now my dog and I are so relaxed and we are both so much happier!

Matt Peake
5 years ago

Drew is absolutely amazing. His teaching style is positive, effective, and works for the specific considerations of your dog and their issues. Our dog has had leash aggression for years, wouldn't listen to us, and some separation anxiety to boot. Just a few sessions in, we saw tremendous improvement and it continues every week. We're truly lucky to have Drew helping us out.

Samantha Cao
4 years ago

I was recommended to Drew by a colleague who had nothing but great things to say about the program he went through. I am now wrapping up to my final session and I can say that I have seen great improvement in our rambunctious and energetic lab. Our sessions have been challenging but fun, and Drew is amazing at making sure you have the right tools in order to be successful. The videos and follow ups are also a bonus so that you can reference your session and what was taught. Most importantly though, Drew has taught the humans about how to be a better leader to our dog, who before, was getting away with things and not being challenged enough mentally. The skills that he taught will stay with us for a lifetime! Thank you Drew for being committed to making sure we can lead a happy life with our dog; we feel that you have set us up for success!!!

Michele Mauer
2 years ago

Thank you so much Drew for what you've done for Murphy and I!! Having an energetic, large breed puppy is such a huge responsibility but the skills you've taught us have made all the difference in the world! Even though he still has puppy brain occasionally - I can see the well-behaved dog he will mature into thanks to the foundation and the training tools you've given us. I cannot recommend Canine Solutions enough - Drew is so knowledgeable and passionate about what he does - if only I could give more than 5 stars!!

Nicole Morton
2 years ago

Thank you Drew for helping us with our new pup! We were very overwhelmed being new dog parents and your very professional and calm approach helped us understand the basics. It was amazing to see how quickly your techniques worked and how much fun and rewarding it is to practice with our pup. We will have you back soon to work on more skills.

Eleanor Lumbis
5 years ago

Drew has been amazing with our pug Daisy!! She had separation anxiety and Drew showed us so many different ways to help her get better. Our mind was blown with the difference we saw in our dog after a short amount of time. And seeing your dog become so confident after becoming successful at their training is wonderful. Drew is firm but very loving with dogs and really goes above and beyond!

Catsbku2 651
3 years ago

We chose to do Drew’s Dream Dog Program. Having never owned a dog and wanting a well behaved dog, we invested the money. It was worth every penny. Starting the day after our puppy arrived, we now have a dog who is well trained with positive reinforcement and happy. We would highly recommend Drew and his programs. You will have homework but it will pay off in the end.

Drew was absolutely wonderful with our dogs. We do a lot of hiking in the backcountry and after having a few frightening dog/wildlife encounters I knew it was time to get serious about their recall. I can't believe the difference after the training sessions. Their recall is amazing now, even when there are wild critters about. To be honest, I didn't think it would be possible, especially to this degree. I am so happy that my dogs can now continue to frolic freely in the woods, secure in the knowledge that they will come back without fail in precarious situations. It's so comforting to know that I can have them off leash in these areas without encroaching on the local wildlife and endangering themselves. Thank you Drew, it's been life changing!

Marina Matei
a year ago

Drew was great with my new pup and with my older dog. Very observant, knowledgeable, offering lots of practical advice and insight into the motivation, incentives, and needs that drive canine behaviour. Highly recommend Drew!!