Drew was featured in this Vancouver Sun Article: How the Pandemic has changed animal health care after a run of people getting pets

Pandemic has changed animal health care after run of people getting pets

“Dog owners are frustrated and at their wit’s end because they can’t find the support they need to help them with their new family member. There just aren’t enough supports in place to help every dog owner.

“Overall, I think the pandemic has been hard on dogs and trainers. Its like a baby boom, but its essentially a dog boom.”  Read More…

Check out what Drew had to say about physical mental activity for dogs in this Vancouver Sun Article

‘Dog park dead zone’: Vancouver woman starts petition to open more off-leash spaces, ease rules.

Dog trainer Drew Warner of Canine Solutions Dog Training says what he has noticed is the average pet owner understands that their dog needs exercise.

“But when they bring their dog to me and can’t figure out why they’re getting all these nuisance behaviours, it’s because they neglect the mental exercise portion of their dog’s daily routine,” Warner said.  Read More…

Drew at Canine Solutions Dog Training was featured in the Vancouver Sun. Check out this article for Drew’s tips on how to prepare your dog for Halloweeen:

Fireworks and dogs in Metro Vancouver: What you need to know

For some, Halloween is a fun night of candy, costumes and fireworks.

For dog owners and their canine companions, it’s one of the most stressful and dreaded nights of the year. The loud bangs and flashes of light can send even the bravest of pooches scrambling to hide. Read more…