Sydney Huston

Sydney Huston

Sydney Square

“When I called Drew I was at my wits end and looking to re-home my ridgeback/boxer rescue Lexi. At just under a year old with most of her life as a stray or in a shelter, she had never experienced consistent leadership and was a real challenge. She was exhibiting aggressive behaviour towards other dogs and dominating humans with her biting and jumping. After trying with 2 other trainers I was beyond frustrated and needed drastic improvement if I was to live a happy and safe life with her. Right away Drew impressed me with his no-nonsense strategies that were realistic and impactfull. I never expected to see such an improvement but it turns out that Lexi, like many dogs, was eager to have consistency and leadership in her life. I noticed a change in Lexi immediately and before I knew it she was crate trained, leash trained and remote collar trained. The difference in Lexi has been unbelievable and the confidence it has brought to me is priceless!

His knowledge, experience and passion for helping dogs, as well as their owners, is truly inspiring and impressive. The dream dog package was well worth the time, effort and money that I put into it. I never could have done the transformation myself without Drew’s guidance, patience and support. His impact on our lives is something we are very grateful for and I would recommend his services to anyone looking to transform their dog into the perfect companion. Drew literally changed my life and saved Lexi’s. Thank you Drew!”

– Sydney Huston, Dog Owner.

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