Sharlene Ridgeway

Sharlene Ridgeway

Andrea Warner Dog Walker Testimonial

“Hi…my name is Coco. I am a three year old Shih tzu. And I am way too cute!
I am my Mom’s first dog ever and because I am so cute she humanized me….I really knew how to get what I wanted. Must be “the eyes”
I controlled the leash and the walk. I led her everywhere
She let me stop every few feet to mark a spot. She thought I must have a urinary problem.
We didn’t get too far on walks but my leg got lots of exercise.
When other dogs came by I pulled on the leash, reared up and barked uncontrollably. I needed them to think that I was tough
And squirrels…what a treat to tree them. They didn’t seem too afraid of my crazed barking and jumping. Well then along came Drew ….trainer extraordinaire! They set me and Mom straight pretty quickly. They taught us that I really didn’t want to be the leader of our pack. I didn’t need to protect my Mom I really was afraid of some dogs. And in the front I was out of my comfort zone. Now it’s so much more fun walking behind or beside Mom,  and so relaxing! I am no longer allowed to mark spots every few feet, so walks are longer and this makes Mom happy.
Drew has taught me how to calmly approach other dogs…by going to sniff from the back and not the front first. Some of the other dogs don’t quite get it…but they haven’t had Drew to show them how we should be communicating.
Mom has also learned the signs of an approaching aggressive dog…so she directs me elsewhere. Whew…pressure is off!
She has learned a great deal. She’s a quick learner my Mom
But she says it’s because Drew is a great teacher who understands dogs and dog psychology.
Me…I am still cute but more confident and much better behaved.
But in all honesty…….I still miss the “squirrel game”.

– Sharlene Ridgeway, Dog Owner.


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