Kirsten & Neil Franson

Kirsten & Neil Franson

We first contacted Drew because we were looking for help training our 6 month old puppy, Hudson. As first time dog owners, we were seeking professional guidance on how to properly address his behaviour and our behaviour from the start. Hudson was entering adolescence, becoming strong physically and mentally. He was beginning to test boundaries (barking and nipping), become quite excitable (jumping up) and his intense prey drive was causing more pulling on walks. We found ourselves more and more often apologizing for his excitement to neighbours. Everyone said “Oh, don’t worry about it! He’s just being a puppy! He’ll grow out of it!”…but the little voice in the back of my head was telling me otherwise. Having already successfully completed a group “puppy class”, we now wanted to find a trainer who would work with us one-on-one.

From the first day we met Drew, we knew we made the right choice. He came to our home, met Hudson, observed how we interacted with him, and discussed options for his training. Drew was professional and also personable. He listened to our specific concerns and explained his training philosophy to make sure we were all the right fit. We chose the “Dream Dog Program” and our journey with Drew began. The process of completing our three month training program was amazing! We learnt so much from Drew. He taught us how to best implement and combine canine communication and behaviour along with more traditional “training” techniques. We started to see improvements with Hudson literally after day one! There were ups and downs throughout with our pup… Drew provided enthusiastic cheers for our successes and also encouragement when we hit those little bumps in the
road. The training program was very flexible and fluid. If one approach wasn’t working, Drew always had a “Plan B”. Upon completion of our program, we felt confident and were left with invaluable knowledge and tools for continuing on with Hudson as he learns and grows. Hiring Drew was the best investment we’ve ever made towards having a happy, healthy and balanced life with our puppy, Hudson.

I’m sure he doesn’t have enough hours in the day, but we would recommend Drew to everyone who has a dog! Whether you have a serious “problem dog” or, like us, just want guidance on how to do things right!

– Kirsten, Neil & Hudson

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