Kenna Marshall

Kenna Marshall


We have two Mini Australian Shepherds, Rosie and Hunter. Rosie, at age two, was with us from 9 weeks old; and Hunter, at 1 ½ was a rescue who came to us at nine months. Rosie was a “princess” who ruled the house and mostly made her own rules. Hunter was a fearful and anxious dog who demonstrated severe resource guarding of me when around any other person, including the rest of the family. Our household of four is equally diverse, with many opinions about dogs and how they should behave and be trained.

We were afraid to walk the dogs on the street for fear that Hunter would try to bite anyone who passed by. Rosie would tug and pull, bark at passersby which would trigger Hunter and his aggressive behavior toward anyone but me.

It was when Hunter bit someone that I called Drew and asked for help.

Drew stepped into the middle of this and turned our household into a strong pack of humans all working on the same page and two dogs who responded beautifully to calm, assertive leadership.

We all took turns working with the dogs, together and separately. Drew taught us how to properly walk the dogs on leash without tugging, to go to “place” when company arrived, to behave while waiting for and riding the elevator, to stay off the furniture unless invited, to sit calmly and wait outside the kitchen while we prepared their food, and so much more. The dogs now sleep in and love their crates. I took Drew’s advice and switched the dogs to a raw diet, and they look and behave much better for it.

There are so many ways in which Drew helped our family with our two dogs.

Mini Aussies are so smart and loyal, and now that we have improved our leadership skills, both Rosie and Hunter are joys to be with! As we continue to build on what Drew taught us, the dogs get better, are happier, and so are we. Thank you so much Drew!

– Kenna Marshall, Dog Owner

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