Kendra Mitchell-Foster

Kendra Mitchell-Foster


“At nearly 9 years old, Disco was moving into his first apartment. We were a little worried about meeting other dogs and “strangers” in the small hallways and stairwells; surprise encounters were not Disco’s strong suit. We were resigned to a stressful, ball-obsessed, haphazard management strategy until we realized we ought to ask Drew for help. Disco no longer pulls on walks, meets dogs in stairwells, and will socialize at the beach without the obsessive “security” of his ball. Drew has changed our pack-family in just three sessions, Disco is more balanced and happier, and we no longer have the stress in our marriage surrounding “dog issues”. Drew’s calm enthusiasm and approachability is backed by years of preparation and dedication, his expertise is clearly a product of his passion for finding the balance point in dog-human relationships. Our expectations have been exceeded by far, thank you Drew!”

– Kendra Mitchell-Foster, Dog Owner.

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