Karen and Barry Kerfoot

Karen and Barry Kerfoot

We had a 9 month old Moyen Poodle “Kono” who was adorable and loveable but impossible to walk – always straining against the leash and wanting to lead the way.  As well, she had the annoying habit of believing every person and dog was meant to play with her.  Any time anyone came to the door Kono would go crazy.

We started working with Drew with his 9 week Dream Dog Program.   Each session was a joy as we learned so much and various techniques to use and practice during the week.  The recaps and videos were extremely helpful.

Drew was attentive to our feedback and each session we took turns with Kono to apply the lessons suggested by Drew. We started using a halti to walk Kono and the straining problems disappeared.  We used the place mat to work with Kono for the company problem with great result.  Two other big changes came when we agreed to crate train Kono – which she loves as well as changing her to a raw food diet – both recommended by Drew.

Recently we have joined Drew’s “Power of the Pack” graduate small class walking program. These classes are focused training walks that have helped Kono walk in a pack without getting excited, and have helped her walk with other dogs without initiating play each time.

We now have a dog that is part of the family instead of being the leader of the family.  We still have work to do, but now have the tools to work with.  We both heartily recommend Drew.

– Karen and Barry Kerfoot

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