Cyndi VanderHoek

Cyndi VanderHoek

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“I just arrived home from a rainy but awesome walk with my husband; Dan, our easy going 14 year old Shiba Inu; Cooper and our 2 ½ year old, very energetic Bernese/Golden Retriever dog; Lucy. At the end of our walk as we are approaching our home, all of us quiet, calm and content, I spoke “Thank you Drew!” I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Not long ago my walks were a chore, a constant struggle with my 80 plus pound Lucy. Our walks were not fun – not in the least! My husband and I had come to a place of surrender. We love hosting get-togethers with our friends and family but this was no longer a luxury for us. Lucy is a fun loving, over the top with energy and this big heart of love for every dog and every human she meets. One can’t help fall in love with her. BUT she was completely unmanageable. She became my dog instantly upon joining our family but I was unable to get her under control. Lucy dominated everyone and everything. She was out of control. I finally raised the white flag. I could not do this myself. I needed to ask for help. I reached out to Drew as he was recommended. Dan and I chose one on one sessions with Drew and would highly suggest that route to anyone. Honestly I am such a big fan so any package you chose will benefit you, your dog and your family. Drew came into our home and within a very short period was able to rehabilitate Lucy. The training with me took much more work! Between sessions I did the homework asked of me. Together with Lucy and the amazing help of Drew I have a dog I enjoy now. I can walk with her, play with her, work with her, and love her (with our tv cuddle watching) and walk into my home with a dog waiting in her place for love as opposed to entering and being knocked over by her. I am thrilled. Of course, I continue to work with Lucy practicing the techniques Drew taught Dan and I. It is not a quick fix and takes some contribution from all parties involved but it definitely was the best thing we did. Thank you Drew!”

-Cyndi VanderHoek, Dog Owner

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