Carey Bolduc

Carey Bolduc


“‘Train Your Troubles Away’ Program with Drew was an essential part of creating a bond with my dog Luna. I have had numerous dogs all of my life and read many dog training books so I thought I was ready to take on the challenge of Luna the 80lb 8 month old German Sheppard Lab cross with no previous obedience training. Luna was hyper, obsessive, jumped lunged on leash and unable to focus or make eye contact and was in distress. With the recommendation of a friend and experienced dog owner I was introduced to Drew’s training.

Drew helped me create a simple and achievable plan for Luna in order for Luna to have a safe and happy life in the inner-city. Drew is supportive and creative with their approach with Luna. Drew helped me perfect my body language and increase my confidence with commands. Drew also introduced me to disciplining Luna with love to easily and instantly change her state of mind.

Today Luna has peace and is a happy content dog. Luna is confident making consistent eye contact, she knows sit, down, stay, leave it, come, up, off, place and can even pick up her toys and put them back in her toy basket when asked. With the improved leash skills I can even ride my bike throughout the city with Luna.

You will love working with Drew, see immediate improvement and come out of the experience with a plan and confidence to take on any situation. Thank you Drew for helping me great a great companion out of a distressed young pup!”

– Carey Bolduc, Dog Owner.

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