Anastasia Dvoryankina

Anastasia Dvoryankina

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“Columbo is the most loving 2 year old golden mountain dog! However, he has a few aggression issues. During his feeding he acted like a completely different dog. Before Drew we were not able to comfortably feed him at all. Let alone take his bowl away from him. We would put the bowl down and he would wait for our command to eat, but then if you even do as little as call his name while he’s eating he would start to growl and hover over his bowl and there was no way we could take it away from him or have him walk away from the bowl. We were simply scared to approach him at all, so we just didn’t. This was very upsetting for us because we knew that it wasn’t his nature, he really is an extremely happy and friendly dog, just not when he eats!
Drew was able to change that. Drew began with helping us control him on his walk which really did establish the fact that we were his leaders and not him. That really helped us move forward with his feeding because he understood that it was really OUR food and we were in charge of everything.
With Drew’s coaching and techniques we are now able to confidently come up to Columbo WHILE he is eating and take his bowl away with our hands while he backs away and relaxes waiting for our next command, whatever that may be. How amazing is that?! We are no longer scared to come up to him and interrupt his feedings!
Before Drew we were constantly being pulled by Columbo on our walks and had to feed him so cautiously and never disturb him because we didn’t want him getting aggressive. Now we have complete control on our walks, and control over feeding him and how fast he eats.
We are so thankful for all of Drew’s help! Drew has taught us amazing leadership and pack mentality with Columbo and we have a much stronger relationship with our dog now! We can’t believe the changes and progress we see in Columbo and we are so proud of him and ourselves for really listening to Drew’s coaching and seeing such incredible results.
Drew is an amazing trainer with great tools, techniques, and such a broad knowledge of behaviors in dogs (as well as humans and how we effect our dogs!). We couldn’t be happier with the results!!
Thank you so much Drew for restoring our relationship with our dog and making us confident during our walks, feeding, and more! Columbo and all of us are so so much happier and balanced now!
We confidently recommend Drew to anyone with any type of issue or even simple guidance that you might need. We couldn’t be happier with the results!”

-Anastasia Dvoryankina, Dog Owner

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