Peer Coaching

Labrador retriever Tyche came into Natalia and Christopher’s life the summer of 2019. As this was their first dog together, they were eager to get a head start on their puppy’s development. Here’s what they have to say about their training experience with Drew at Canine Solutions:

“The most helpful thing about hiring a trainer early on in our puppy’s development was having an expert ‘outside eye’ who could give precise insight into our situation. Having Drew observe and evaluate our interactions with our puppy in our home (not a puppy class) gave us a better understanding of how our behaviour and the set-up of the home could be contributing to unwanted behaviour in our pup. We thought we knew how to interact with dogs and we were trying to follow the ‘rules’ of owning a new puppy (from random guidebooks and the internet), but until we began working with Drew, these basic strategies only went so far. Our toolkit was small. Hiring a professional trainer who could examine the specific circumstances of our situation with our particular puppy shone light on so many details we were missing. By having Drew tailor the training to our context, we expanded our toolkit for ways of interacting with our puppy, and we became more confident as puppy owners. By making certain changes and implementing (always and everyday) the tools and exercises we were learning, we also began to see (almost immediate) results.”

Natalia and Christopher completed their Dream Dog Puppy program in January 2020. They now spend their days with Tyche hiking off- and on-leash, playing fetch, practicing recall, setting up task-oriented exercises, and enjoying her companionship. They are still working on all the skills they learned in puppyhood everyday with their adolescent and boisterous dog.

As a dog trainer, you pray for clients like Natalia and Christopher! They were consistently on top of their homework, practiced often, and came to lessons prepared to learn more. They also worked exceptionally well as a team to help their dog grow up to be a dream dog. And of course, they went through all of the normal challenges in puppyhood (biting, separation exercises, confinement, distractions, over excitement, pulling on the leash). They both possess excellent communication skills, are kind, generous and easy to talk to. Armed with not only the facts, these puppy parents have the knowledge and experience to be helpful in guiding you during your puppy journey. These folks are excited and ready to share their experience with you! You will be so happy you made the decision to reach out and ask them your puppy questions.

To book a coaching call with either Natalia or Christopher, please email and enter Peer Coaching Session in the subject line. Your request will be handled within 48 hours.

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