Drew Warner

Drew Warner

Dog Trainer (pronouns: he/him/his)


Servicing East Vancouver, Downtown, Shaughnessy and Fairview

In person lessons – I come to you in your home!

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If you are outside of my service area you can start with virtual lessons and then finish your program with in person lessons in an outdoor location in Vancouver.

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Are you stressed out and at your wits end?

I’m here to help! Many families get stuck trying other types of training. My off-leash program is helping dog owners everywhere get back to enjoying their dog. I’m so happy to give everyone that peace of mind.  Feel free to check out what my clients are saying about their results in the testimonials at the bottom of this page.

OFF LEASH PROGRAM  (for dogs 5 months and older, 15 pounds and up)

My off-leash obedience program is designed to take care of your dog’s embarrassing behaviors and relieve you of the anxiety and worry and you are feeling on a daily basis so you can enjoy the peace and fun of having a dog.  No more worry or stress! Remember, it’s never too late to turn things around.

This program is for any dog parent who wants to maximize their time, have the most access to their trainer, and achieve the fastest and longest lasting results with off-leash reliability for the life of their dog.

We will work together with your dog in a variety of situations so you will know your dog will listen to you every time even when there are a lot of distractions.

My Off Leash obedience program will give you a dog that:

  • Listens reliably every time off the leash around distractions – (come when called)
  • Walks on a loose leash or heel, you decide! NO more pulling!
  • Is well mannered – eliminate nuisance behaviors like jumping, counter surfing, picking up items off the ground etc.
  • Waits patiently around distractions – boundary training (down and place command)

My Off-Leash obedience program will give you:

  • The FUN and FREEDOM to enjoy your dog in all situations!
  • Peace of mind knowing I’m always here to support you in your dog training journey
  • Access to Canine Solutions Graduate students – meet up with other trained dog owners for exclusive events and group classes
  • A happier life with your dog!


  • Your training tools are included
  • Pet Parent Support. You will have access to your trainer to ask any questions related to your program via phone or email to ensure you have ongoing support between lessons
  • LIFETIME Support: Ongoing email support for you and your dog after you graduate! I want you to be the best pet parent you can be.

Watch this video to see Roger’s transformation and hear how happy his pet parents are after completing our off leash obedience program.

We are excited to be offering our clients virtual training services brought to you LIVE in your own living room!  

Zoom virtual sessions are great for basic training, behavioural consultations and general information gathering.

Please click here to inquire about a virtual training program for you and your dog.

Client Testimonials

Our experience with Drew was a really positive one. We appreciated the time he took to teach us how to properly use and respect the e-collar. Our dog Ernie was so overstimulated in very environment we took him to, and because of this training him was becoming super frustrating for us and for him. After training with Drew we now have a relaxed well trained dog who we feel confident to take into all sorts of situations. Instead of dreading taking him to the dog park or busy trails, we look forward to it.
Brianne Fudge
Brianne Fudge
03:26 13 Feb 23
When our dog was two, after having done a number of group classes, we realized that we needed to have some individual training for ourselves and our dog. She was barking excessively at our year old grandchild as well as at anyone who came to our door and her recall was not what we wanted it to when we were out with her. After doing some research on trainers we settled on Drew at Canine Solutions Dog Training and are so glad we did. Working with an e-collar to help switch our dog's focus away from something and have her return her attention to us was uncomfortable at first but Drew taught us how and when to use this tool and it became a game changer. We are certain it is not harming our dog and we see such a change in her. She still barks to alert us when someone comes to the door but stops and our dog and our grandchild are getting along! Her recall outdoors and around other dogs is much better and we feel more confident with her off leash. Her loose leash walking manners have also improved significantly. Much of Drew's training focused on us with a lot of teaching on how to handle our dog. It was very personal. He listened well to what we wanted to accomplish and helped us get there. We have learned that we will be doing ongoing work with our dog and now know how to do that. We would highly recommend Drew.
Randy Parizeau
Randy Parizeau
21:59 02 Jan 23
Training our dog with Drew completely changed our quality of life. We brought our dachshund from Brazil to Vancouver, she was a pandemic dog (so no socialization) plus the flight was very stressful on her. She was super reactive, anxious, and aggressive towards other people and dogs. After the first class, she was already SO different! Drew presented us with the tools to deal with her behavior and made sure we put in the practice necessary to improve. Now we can walk with her without stress, have people over, and even started letting her off leash without issues! We are so grateful and will recommend Drew to anyone.
Nicole Santos
Nicole Santos
18:23 07 Aug 22
Great experience training my 6 month old hound with Drew. Drew was an awesome teacher and my pup is now heeling and recalling without a leash no problem!
Mark Stevenson
Mark Stevenson
18:20 06 Jul 22
After two hospital visits and handful of biting incidents as a result of resource and territorial guarding, we were desperate for some guidance... We then came across Drew and through his guidance, we were able to see tremendous change in our dog. Not only did his aggressive behaviour disappear, but he's become extremely obedient and is always giving us his attention. Quite astonishing how we were just fearing for our safety on a daily basis a few months back and now we feel like we're able to enjoy our lives with him without that fear.
Alfrey C
Alfrey C
14:18 26 Jun 22
Only regret is not doing this sooner! We have a Frenchie/Boxer with a lot of sass, and Drew's techniques have allowed us to better communicate. We have made leaps and bounds in training, no more door rushing, no more leash biting, reduced jumping (still in progress), and way better recall amongst other things. The training program didn't waste time, getting results quickly which was great for our busy schedule and key for us too was that it got the whole family on the same page. The at-home work/routines are reasonable to maintain long term, I can see us continuing to make progress, even to some more difficult tricks and skills post-program now that we have been taught the fundamentals. Thank you Drew, you've been wonderful!
Breanne Cooper
Breanne Cooper
18:15 21 Jun 22
We cannot thank Drew at Canine Solutions Dog Training enough! He helped us structure and improve our relationship with our dog, Kipp. We rescued Kipp from the Meat Market in South Korea and understandably, that came with some trauma behaviors. Our main concern was Kipp's intense anxiety which sometimes came out as reactive towards people (particularly men) and food guarding/alpha behaviors with other dogs. It was really hard for us as we are social people with male friends and lots of other dogs in our lives. Our first pet trainer recommended Canine Solutions, but in all honesty, we were quite hesitant about e-collar training. We were afraid that using a balanced approach, rather than a strictly all positive reinforcement approach, would break the bond that we had built with Kipp. Well, we were so wrong. The structure and communication that e-collar training offered made our bond with Kipp stronger than we thought possible. Kipp now looks to us for everything. He trusts us when we tell him someone is safe, meaning that he now wags his tail at our male friends who come over and plays endlessly with dogs without reacting negatively when upset. Kipp's recall is phenomenal for being 1.5 years old. Of course, nothing is perfect, but rarely does he not instantly come back when called which has given him and us such freedom outdoors. He's a happy dog now which means we are happy pet parents!
Jourdan Jackson
Jourdan Jackson
17:01 06 May 22
After running into (many) frustrations with my new Frenchie, Roger, I started looking into a professional trainer to try and nip the issues before he was older. I came across Drew’s page and was elated to see all the great reviews/experiences, and free consultation. Once I met Drew, I knew he’d be a great fit for my fur baby. He’s such a professional with tons of experience, knowledge, helpful tips, good follow ups, and is always more than happy to go the extra mile. I can’t thank Drew enough- now I feel confident with Roger and have all the tools I neeed…it’s like I have a new “dream dog”. I would highly recommend Drew to anyone looking to train their dog(s), he’s definitely one of a kind and a game changer!
Tasaday Pollesel
Tasaday Pollesel
19:27 27 Mar 22
Drew helped us with some behavioural issues we were having with our very energetic rescue dog. Drew made it easy to fit training into our lives and taught us a lot of practical tips to continue working on. Drew is very accessible, and offers lots of helpful materials. O