Drew Warner


Drew Warner

Dog Trainer and Personal Coach (pronouns: he/him/his)

Drew Warner is now listed as one of the Top 3 Dog Trainers in Vancouver, BC.

A note from Drew, the Owner of Canine Solutions:

If you are a dog owner needing help correcting a problem behavior with your dog, you’ve come to the right place.

I am dedicated to giving you a coaching & training program that gives you exactly what you need to solve the things you need help with, and have the dream dog you’ve always wanted.

My personal guarantee

I love helping responsible dog owners like you! I am passionate about helping dogs and dog owners live together happily. I ensure that my services are tailored for you and your dog. My private one on one coaching programs are designed to be easy and stress free.

Whether you are frustrated with your dog not listening to you around distractions or dealing with aggression, reactivity, resource guarding, or nuisance behaviours (like jumping up on people, or pulling on the leash), I will customize a personalized program to get you to your goals within our allotted time.

My programs are designed to help you better understand your dog and solve the problems that concern you now.

About Drew:

Drew Warner is a dog enthusiast, pack leader, and trainer. Drew specializes in enhancing the lives of dog owners by providing a top quality ‘coaching program’ for each person. This means training for the dog, and teaching you – the dog’s owner – exactly what you need to know so you can maintain your dog’s training.

Drew helps dog owners overcome unwanted behaviors and other issues they are facing.

After having a successful career in travel sales and management, Drew decided to branch out and follow his passion and start his own dog business. It was with much enthusiasm that he began training and walking dogs in 2009.

Drew studied with Cesar Millan in California and graduated from Training Cesar’s Way Workshop in 2013.

He then went on to complete a one-on-one mentorship program with Dog Behaviorist Cheri Lucas in Templeton California.

In 2021 Drew completed a six month one on one mentorship with top Canadian dog trainer Evan Doggett of Doggett Style Dog Training.

Additional Online courses completed:
  • Loose leash walking – Tyler Muto
  • Raising your puppy – Michael Ellis
  • Obedience and Behavior Fundamentals – Tyler Muto

Drew continues to enhance his dog training skills through various online forums and groups for balanced trainers, and is a professional member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals).

Now Drew’s goals are to continue increasing the happiness of as many dog owners as possible here in the Lower Mainland. Drew continues to help families become the calm, confident ‘pack leaders’ their dogs need. Drew is excited to continue to expand his skills, business and thriving community of “dog people,” and hopes that he can also help YOU to have a happy dog, and a happier life with your dog!