Ryan Wionzek

Ryan Wionzek

“I adopted Cali when she was 4 months old. She was a rescue from California, who was set to be put down in the shelter due to overpopulation. I brought her into my home, and wanted to give her a wonderful life. What I ended up giving her was free reign and full control of my house, because I felt bad for her and what she had been through.

When we started working with Drew, Cali was nervous, excitable and anxious. She pulled every time we would walk. She was playing too rough at the park. She antagonized other dogs. And she refused to listen to me. When Drew entered my house for the first time, Cali showed her immediate attention and respect.

Drew helped me set boundaries and structure for Cali in my house. We learned how to walk properly. She showed me how to properly socialize Cali at the park. Drew taught me how to be pack leader, and how to show that to Cali lovingly.

From our first session, I saw huge changes in Cali, and in the dynamic between her and I.  Drew was able to give me to tools to help Cali become a calm, respectful & happy puppy. With these tools, and continuing to follow through them and all Drew has taught us, Cali and I are building the relationship I always wanted with her.

– Ryan Wionzek, Dog Owner.

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