Matt & Kim Peake

Matt & Kim Peake

“When I inquired with Drew about his services, we were concerned about our lovable 8 year old Chihuahua mix who was becoming a real menace: She would lose her marbles when walking and seeing other dogs, freak out when we left the apartment without her, and not listen to us in most situations. She was a cuddly little lap dog making our lives miserable! Our request of Drew was to at least make our walking issues more manageable and see how things went from there.

In our first meeting, Drew outlined his philosophies and expectations so everyone was on the same page. He also listened a ton and truly took our concerns and preferences into account and folded them into the Dream Dog Program. In every session, Drew was patient, kept us focused, and gave all of us the constructive feedback we needed. Several sessions later we have a completely changed dog and all of our lives have been changed in a positive way. Amazingly, Drew helped Petra with all of her issues and was wonderfully positive in every session. Truly, working with Drew has been a great experience and we’re forever grateful for the guidance he’s given us.”

– Matt & Kim Peake, Dog Owner.

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