Your dog is practically perfect right?

Except for those few little things that are driving you crazy! You love to brag to your friends how much you love him, and feel guilty when you get annoyed when he won’t listen to you.

In private conversations with other dog owners, you confess he can be quite a handful and unpredictable around exciting things like greeting other dogs, walking in his neighborhood on leash, greeting people in his home, and even sometimes around his favorite toys or food bowl.

The good news is that your dog can transform into the perfect dog you’ve always wanted.

We’ve helped so many dogs just like yours!

Our programs work because we mentor good dog owners like you who are committed, ready to change and follow through.

Check out our training & coaching programs to see how you can start enjoying your dog again!

Watch this video to see how quickly you can enjoy your dog again...

About Drew Warner

Drew Warner

Drew Warner

Dog Coach and Trainer

Drew Warner is now listed as one of the Top 3 Dog Trainers in Vancouver, BC.

A note from Drew, the Owner of Canine Solutions:

If you are a dog owner needing help correcting a problem behavior with your dog, you’ve come to the right place.

I am dedicated to giving you a coaching & training program that gives you exactly what you need to solve the things you need help with, and have the dream dog you’ve always wanted.

My personal guarantee

I make sure that my services are tailored for you and your dog. My coaching programs are designed to be easy and stress free. I come to you, in your home and provide a full assessment of you and your dog so you have a plan for getting your dog to finally listen to you!

I am passionate about helping dogs and dog owners live together happily, and it’s very rewarding helping so many families make the most of having a dog.

About Drew:

Drew Warner is a dog enthusiast, pack leader, and trainer. Drew specializes in enhancing the lives of dog owners by providing a top quality ‘coaching program’ for each person.  This means training for the dog, and teaching you – the dog’s owner – exactly what you need to know so you can maintain your dog’s training.

Drew helps dog owners overcome unwanted behaviors and other issues they are facing.

After having a successful career in travel sales and management, Drew decided to branch out and follow his passion and start his own dog business. It was with much enthusiasm that he began training and walking dogs in 2009.

Drew studied with Cesar Millan in California and graduated from Training Cesar’s Way Workshop in 2013.

Now Drew’s goals are to continue increasing the happiness of as many dog owners as possible here in the Lower Mainland. Drew continues to help families become the calm, confident ‘pack leaders’ their dogs need.  Drew is  excited to continue to expand his skills, business and thriving community of “dog people,” and hopes that he can also help YOU to have a happy dog, and a happier life with your dog!

Coaching Programs

»  Do you adore your dog but just wish they would listen more?

»  Are you feeling stressed because you can’t seem to figure out how to fix the things that are driving you crazy, so then your dog is embarrassing you in public?

»  Would you like those pesky nuisance behaviors taken care of for good?

We are here to help you!  We have helped many families just like yours.

Don’t worry, there is hope! You and your dog can break the cycle, learn new habits, and change for good!

So go ahead and take a look at our programs here, then give us a call or email to tell us more about you and your dog so that we can get you back to enjoying your dog right away.

Compare to see what's right for you


Is there one thing that drives you crazy about your dog? You’ve tried everything but are at the end of your rope with trying to resolve the issue. This program is for pet parents who want to focus on getting rid of a specific problem behavior.

In this program we focus on teaching you how to communicate with your dog effectively, show you new tools and techniques to get your dog to listen to you every time. Designed for the dog owner who has time and loves to be the primary trainer of their dog, we are able to give you the foundations to take care of these behaviors in a very short time.

This program teaches you what you need to know so you can communicate with your dog and make sure he finally listens to you!


  • Booklet on dog psychology – tips and tools to help you understand your dog
  • Unlimited email support with your trainer in between lessons for the duration of your program.
Train Your Troubles Away

Having trouble with a variety of unwanted behaviors?  This program gives you more time with your trainer so we can tackle them all together.

We’ll make sure your dog listens to you reliably, overcomes things like jumping, possessiveness, pulling on the leash, and not coming when called are just a few common misbehaviors that you might be barely tolerating right now.

This program also starts your dog’s off-leash reliability so you won’t have to worry about your dog listening around the house when there’s no leash on.


  • Booklet on dog psychology – tips and tools to help you understand your dog
  • Unlimited email support with your trainer in between lessons for the duration of your program.

This program is for the dog owner who wants to maximize their time, have the most access to their trainer, and achieve the fastest and longest lasting results with their dog.

Are you stressed out and at your wits end? Let us help! This program is designed to take care of your dog’s embarrassing behaviors and relieve you of the stress, worry and embarrassment you are feeling on a daily basis so you can enjoy the peace and fun of having a dog.  This program will get rid of your dog problem behaviors for good.  No more worry or stress! Remember, it’s never too late to turn things around.

In this program we will also make sure your dog listens reliably in all situations indoors and outdoors around distractions.

Training Time:

This program gives you the most time with your trainer and your dog will learn even more amazingly useful skills. As an extra perk, just for dog owners in the Dream Dog program, we’ll speed up your dog’s learning by coming to work with them while you’re busy. This program includes two Private Training Walks… your trainer will take your dog out for more one-on-one practice around everyday life distractions.  Less work for you!

What we’ll cover:

Obedience commands: Sit, down, watch me, let’s go
Practical skills: come when called, place, heel
Walking behaviors: get rid of pulling and lunging on walks, walk on a loose leash every time!
Manners: Take care of unwanted behaviors like jumping, behaving around food, belongings and visitors.

Optional: Off Leash Reliability – we will make sure your dog listens every time with no leash outdoors around distractions.


  • 2 Private Training Walks for your dog


  • Booklet on dog psychology – tips and tools to help you understand your dog
  • All your training supplies ($225.00 value)
  • Training Pack Walk to help with socializing your dog
  • 6 months of polishing support with your training, for fine tuning or in case something comes up.  You can email your trainer anytime to get answers to questions or set up lessons to fine tune something we’re working on together.

Success Stories

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Matt & Kim Peake+

Matt & Kim Peake

Success Stories
Kenna Marshall+

Kenna Marshall

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Ian H.+

Ian H.

Success Stories
Cyndi VanderHoek+

Cyndi VanderHoek

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Sharlene Ridgeway

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Michael Lafleur

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Ryan Wionzek

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Sydney Huston

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Carey Bolduc

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Elizabeth Barclay

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D. Hogan

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Client Testimonials

Drew has been amazing with our pug Daisy!! She had separation anxiety and Drew showed us so many different ways to help her get better. Our mind was blown with the difference we saw in our dog after a short amount of time. And seeing your dog become so confident after becoming successful at their training is wonderful. Drew is firm but very loving with dogs and really goes above and beyond!
Eleanor Lumbis
Eleanor Lumbis
03:10 06 Feb 18
Drew is absolutely amazing. His teaching style is positive, effective, and works for the specific considerations of your dog and their issues. Our dog has had leash aggression for years, wouldn't listen to us, and some separation anxiety to boot. Just a few sessions in, we saw tremendous improvement and it continues every week. We're truly lucky to have Drew helping us out.
Matt Peake
Matt Peake
00:13 02 Dec 17
My husband and I hired Drew to help with us with our rescue boxer/staffy mix Bruce. We had a not so great experience with another dog trainer but decided to have a consultation with Drew after my cousin highly recommend him. We set up our assessment appointment not really sure what to expect but right from the get-go Drew was nothing but amazing! Our main things we wanted to work on was Bruce’s pulling on leash and his aggression towards the door. Drew went through all the different packages we could purchase and was also very open to customizing anything we wanted. There was no pressure and it was all really left everything up to us. Once we chose our package Drew came up with a plan and every lesson was better then the next! Drew would show us different ways of connecting with our dogs and skills to keep building on top of the skills we learned the week before. Drew made it simple, understandable and very stress free. Since the lessons are done in your own home, you can learn and practice in a real setting and see how things will work on a day to day basis. At the beginning of each lesson Drew would go through how the week had been since we last met, what were some challenges we were having and what we wanted to focus on for this lesson. Then at the end of each lesson he would go through our take-a-ways and come up with a plan for the next week’s “Homework”. We would work on everything Drew taught us and we immediately starting seeing changes in Bruce. Bruce is now calmer, more responsive and listens to us even in distracted settings. Bruce went from being the dog that would pull so hard on the leash it would hurt your back to now being right beside you the whole time, walking your pace with no pulling! If you’re looking for a dog trainer for something small or a bigger issue we cannot recommend Drew enough! The whole experience was so wonderful from start to finish and we were so sad when our time came to an end. Thank you Drew for all your work with us we really appreciate everything you’ve done for us!
Carly Somner
Carly Somner
22:19 04 Oct 17
We were at our wits end with our rambunctious pup and ready to send him back. Drew was able to help us channel our time and energy into training Charlie into the family dog we needed him to be and he is so much happier. Drew is creative, humourous, and endlessly patient with our glitches and has restored calm and helped us enjoy our dog! And the bonus is that he is so much calmer and happier!
Maureen and Bill Wicken
Maureen and Bill Wicken
03:35 25 Sep 17
I cannot say enough good things about Drew, and the good results we have gotten for our 5 year old dog Emma. Our dog was extremely excitable at the door (friendly but full of energy), would jump all over people, and would sometimes escape out of the house. Drew taught us how to keep our dog on her special place board so I can answer the door without problems, all within a few short sessions. I couldn't believe it! Emma will now stay on the board when people come over, it is a miracle! Drew will travel to your home which we found ideal. We have a toddler and new baby and Drew was able to work with us even with the kids present. Drew showed so much patience (for us and the dog) and so much skill. You can really tell this is their passion. I'm so happy with the results and would recommend Drew to anyone who needs help.
Lindsay Martin
Lindsay Martin
00:30 10 Aug 17
Drew is an incredible dog and human trainer. They improved the relationships of everyone in the household! In our first session with Drew, we learned what we were miscommunicating to our reactive young rescue dog and our surprisingly defiant old rescue. As soon as we understood this, we were ready to effectively implement Drew's training program. The way Drew tailored the program to our dogs and family and the particular problems were were having (barking at the door, reactivity with humans and dogs when on leash, begging for food from baby), was enormously helpful. We feel fortunate to have met Drew and will be taking their canine solutions forward! The lessons were worth every penny.
Amanda Watson
Amanda Watson
19:27 16 May 17
Drew is Amazing! They went above and beyond teaching us how to best communicate with our dog and begin a great life-long relationship. We were amazed how detailed Drew was with looking at all the details of our life so that we could receive the best possible outcome from our sessions - all aspects of our family and our newest doggy member were taken into consideration so that our lessons were as personalized as possible - meeting all of our needs. Highly Recommended!
Wes Godley
Wes Godley
19:07 22 Mar 17

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